Low cost, excellent effect!

overall style is the same. We get used to what we found or created years ago. However, it is important to remember about the passage of time and, therefore, it is worth looking at our interior in a more critical way, as if we have just entered the place for the first time. Then we will see that it is time for change. With the help of a professional designer we may achieve a metamorphosis that will bring joy and pleasure, giving us a new, beautiful interior to live in.

Each room can be furnished in a fashionable and comfortable way. Sometimes a slight lifting and a handful of optical tricks will be enough. On other occasions it will be necessary to carry out a thorough renovation, but it does not have to be connected with considerable expenses. Knowing how to plan necessary alterations properly may save us a fortune!

I am an interior designer with ample experience: I have prepared and realized many various projects. Having „a good eye” for quality and professional experience I can help you find the proper direction of change. I can listen to the client and make sure that my advice and propositions meet the client’s expectations, transforming their house or apartment into a new, beautiful living space.

The metamorphosis process consists of:

  • A meeting aimed at evaluating the space to be transformed and discussing the client’s expectations,
  • Propositions of the style of transformation (moodboards or visualization),
  • Showing the elements of décor, proposals concerning the colors, wall papers, floors, tiles and other elements,
  • Suggestions concerning the furniture, lamps, decorations, accessories,
  • Meetings with subcontractors.

Metamorfoza 1

Metamorfoza 2

Metamorfoza 3